Limelizard HR Consulting

Consultation Process

limelizard – a professional consultation process from A-Z

We offer you from the beginning until the end a consultation process, which does not stop with the conceptual design, but only after the complete implementation and progress control of your individually agreed and taylormade solution package.

Consultation Process and Circle of Success


The consultation starts with a first discussion which is of course completely free of charge for our clients. In this phase it is important for us, that we listen to you, because you know your company best.

Afterwards all process steps in the success circle will be adressed systematically if the complexity of the project requires this.

While lots of consultancies stop the process right after the activity planning or solution design phase (marked by the flash in the figure above) and leave you alone with the implementation and the progress monitoring , limelizard accompanies you through the whole process from A-Z and also does a review after a certain period, if you want this.

We are convinced that solutions only have a long-term success if the complete process will be covered systematically.

We do not offer standardized solutions, to which your company has to adapt as company cultures are unique and deserve differentiated individual solutions.

We want to highlight that in all phases of the consultation process we need your special company knowledge and your active cooperation and support to jointly develop solutions which fit your company and are successful.