Limelizard HR Consulting

Clients & sector experience

Clients & sector experience

The clients of our consultancy services are big and mid-size enterprises (e.g. DAX-30 and Euro-Stoxx) and their business leaders, which operate in a dynamic environment and mainly come from the Consumer Goods, Chemical or Pharmaceutical Industries.
But we are of course also prepared to serve clients from other industries and the public sector.

Our clients are convinced, that

  • the dynamic environment requires an organisational adaption to be sustainably successful
  • the key success factors for a successful adaption are a professional Change Management and a clear Strategic Leadership
  • in this adaption process organisations have to look at all effects on organisational hard- and software
  • they want a consultant, who leads the whole change process successfully

If you can share these convictions, then limelizard is a trustworthy and reliable partner for you as we stand for Leading Change.


We have successfully implemented projects in the following sectors:

  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Frozen Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Leisure
  • Logistics
  • Furniture
  • Building
  • Trade