Limelizard HR Consulting

Company Principles

Company Principles

Ultimate goal of our consultancy is the trustworthy cooperation with and the loyality towards our clients, whose sustainable business success is in the focus of all our activities

On this base we commit ourselves to meet the following consultancy standards, which have been developed in a similar way by the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater e.V

  1. Competence:
    We only take mandates if we have the required abilities and experience and develop solutions, which fit state-of-the-art science and the individual requirements of our clients
  2. Confidentiality:
    We keep all internal affairs and information of our clients strictly confidential and do not pass any project documents to externals. We do not indicate references of our clients without prior approval
  3. Neutrality:
    We do an unbiased and objective consultation and consider all known opportunities and risks.
    We do not produce reports for courtesy and mention also unpleasant and sometimes painful truths openly towards our clients
  4. Independency:
    We work in an independent way and do not accept any constraints in our independency
  5. Respectability and effectiveness:
    We only recommend our services, if we expect advantages for our clients.
    We give realistic performance, timing and cost estimates and do everything to keep these.
    We contribute actively in the realisation of our proposed solutions and work with the client until all proposals have been implemented and the client  can run the day to day operation without our help
  6. Omission of headhunting:
    We do not offer any positions to employees of our clients and in the same way expect from our clients that they refrain from offering positions to our employees
  7. Fair competition:
    We do not provide any service except the elaboration of the offer free of charge and respect the intellectual copy right.
    We only recommend colleagues, if we know that their performance and integrity is excellent and we only do this in times with tight capacity or if we do not have the required special knowhow
  8. Appropriate fees:
    Our fees correspondent in an adequate way to the services we offer and the quality of work we deliver and will be agreed upfront with the clients. In our written offers we make fees  and all other costs transparent
  9. Sincere promotions:
    We commit ourselves to sincere behaviour with respect to our promotions and the acquisition of clients
  10. Incompatible activities:
    It is incompatible with our image to take mandates for activities which harm our professional duties or our company principles or the minimum standards of ethical behaviour in business.

Through the strict compliance with these principles we are at all times a trustworthy and reliable partner to our clients.